Stroller Strides Rockwall

Sarah Duckworth Photography is proud to be one of the sponsors for the Stroller Strides of Rockwall GRAND OPENING!  We are donating sessions for those that sign up, and also donating a larger package into the raffle – so come join us!  You can learn more about Stroller Strides at their site:  http://strollerstrides.net/forney




Join us for a FREE class!


Please join us at Harry Myers Park at 10am for the Grand

Opening of Stroller Strides in Rockwall! Stroller Strides is more

than just a walk in the park. It provides fitness for moms of

any fitness level with a unique format to bond with baby, and

all around fun! This awesome workout includes power

walking and intervals of body toning using exercise tubing,

the stroller, and the environment. New mommies, pregnant

mommies, and mommies of any age are welcome.

Come and enjoy a FREE class, refreshments, Vitamin Water,

goodie bags, and FUN!!


Sponsors include Sarah Duckworth Photography, Metroplex

Baby, LUNA, Boogie Wipes, Born Free and more! You do not

want to miss it!

Sarah Duckworth | Rockwall Photographer


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